Monday, February 16, 2015

Mellow Yellow

A luscious Mellow Yellow Lemon cupcake sitting on a cobalt blue plate just waiting to be devoured.

The Red Sheet

                                                     A red bed sheet ​lays across her lap.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yellow Slippers

I went to Selby Gardens and these beautiful yellow slipper Paphiopedilum orchids were waiting for their closeup.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lacecap Hydrangea

This Lacecap Hydrangea is such a beautiful flower and a favorite flower of mine. I have to smile when I see them. Lacey Caps reminds me of flower wreaths around girls heads or fairies with wreaths. They bloom in summer and fall. The original painting sold 4 hours after it was shown on my website.  Prints are available at,

Speaking Dutch

Do you speak Dutch, I love the language of Tulips?

Pumpkin Patch

This pumpkin patch is in Maryland it was the first time I saw a pumpkin patch while it was growing the pumpkins each week the pumpkins grew larger and larger, this was in early October when I took the photos of the pumpkins just before they harvested them. It's amazing to me how some get so much larger than others.

Cuppa Tea With Sarah

I just love this teapot,when I was about five I remember my Mom had a neighbor named Sarah that she would make tea in a teapot like just like this one set up the pretty cups and holler out the door to Sarah to come over for a cuppa tea.
So when we moved to Florida in 1958 and Mom unpacked the beloved teapot it was shattered all but the lid remained. My Mom cried over the loss of the teapot but I think it was more about the loss of Sarah than the cobalt teapot, however my mom kept the lid to the pot.Over the years Mom had a cuppa Tea with many other friends with many different teapots.
After Mom and then Dad died I was cleaning out the kitchen drawers and there in the drawer in the back was the glow of bright blue, the lid in perfect condition. I sat the lid on a shelf with many other memento's of sweetness and joy. Went to my computer and e-bay to see if I could find a teapot to complete the memory. There among all the hundreds of teapots was one cobalt tea pot same design as Moms "Cobalt blue teapot - Hall # 0783 /6 cup teapot perfect condition Lid broken Buy it now $5.00. I bought it as fast as I could push the buttons.
I was elated as far as I was concerned it WAS "Mom's" Teapot and I reunited her lid to the perfect teapot and it has a place of great honor in my kitchen and always will. So does the broken lid. This is a still life I set up with the Teapot and her cup and lemons Sarah is with my Mom and not available.

Iris Glow

A white bearded Iris is anything but white in the glow of the sunlight after an early summer rain.
This flower looks as though it glows from within.

Inspiration Stargazer

This lily was from my parents 50th Anniversary centerpiece from the dessert table. This flower is strong and enduring but also feminine and fragile at the  same time.
I used another shot of this flower for my students to paint from in my class. It gave me an idea of where they were in ability because they all started at this same place. I could better access what they needed to go forward in the class.
This was my inspiration Stargazer Lilly also because my parents were an  inspiration to me.

Deep Purple

A purple Iris is a vision of beauty.

This Canoe Is Waiting For You

This is a watercolor of a view of the Hillsborough River in Tampa. The river is beautiful and riding in a canoe is so relaxing. Go ahead get in...

Banana Flower

This is a banana flower also called banana heart, Inflorescence. The flower is not just pretty it's edible, in Thailand and Southeast Asian countries it is served as a vegetable that resembles the flavor of artichoke, yummy and beautiful.

Bouganvillea Aglow

An urn sitting on top of a pedestal​ was overflowing with beautiful fuchsia & magenta colored Bougainvillea bursting with vibrant color in the bright sunshine, the light was so intense there were colors present in the shadows. I exaggerated the colors  so you could experience what I saw that day but the camera couldn't quite capture.

Kim's Iris

An Iris on wood panel 6" x 6" with Gold leaf background,

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Yummmmm...................Acrylic 5" x 7" painting on  gallery wrapped canvas.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


This is a painting of my dog Marley.  He has about 6 other names one of which is Budgie. beaugie, bowgie, boogie, puppet, dee doe-doe-doe...

A bunch more acrylic paintings last month

Monday, July 21, 2014

I quit teaching my classes and look at all the paintings I've done since June 1.

Yes, all since stopping my painting classes. I've been very busy having fun painting for me again.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Snowmans Caravan

8" x 10"  A sweet Snowman bearing gifts hitches a ride on the back of a friendly Polar Bear.

Country Club

4" x 24" Five fat little birds gather in the Spring on a pussy willow branch to get a birds eye view of this Spring morning. Original available at .  prints available at:

Rural Route Mailboxes Oklahoma

11"x14" This winter we went to Oklahoma and one day when the snow and ice melted we went for a drive, great fences ,wagon wheels, farm equipment wheels and grouped mailboxes added a real country feel. The plains of the countryside sometimes went on for miles. Original available at . prints available at :

Perfect Valentine Sweets No Calories

Sweet Reflection

8" x 8" A fine clear glass saucer with 24 kt gold edge trim and fine line work just below the edge and at the center of the plate is a perfect backdrop for the perfect vanilla cupcake with butter cream icing and red sugar crystals sparkling under the luscious red raspberry on top. Original available Prints available at:

St. Patty's Cake

6"x6" A green iced cupcake will make a tasty treat to help celebrate St Patrick's Day, Top O the Mornin to you all! original available, prints available at:

Party Cupcake

A party just wouldn't be a party without cupcakes and ribbons.

Little Stargazer

A small painting of a Stargazer Lily.This was a demo that I did at my former classes. This is the flower that most of my students painted so I could judge their level ability of painting and following directions.Original available at . Prints are available at:


15" x 45" This resplendent Peacock is impressive and spectacularly colorful with sumptuous feathers cascading down from the branch of trees. The bird is striking against the darkly tiled tree and the rich gold leaf is dazzling, glittering and imposing making a brilliant Klimt like display which is stunningly majestic as a tribute to Gustav. call for price of original prints available on

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fish Fry

This beautiful Mangrove Snapper is lying in wait of it's fate... dinner... and a painting. Original painting for sale. Prints available at:

This painting was chosen as a finalist in :

Amazing Jewels of the Sea (Thai Platter)

A beautiful platter of seafood was presented to me at a local Thai Restaurant. It was almost too beautiful to eat. but my love for Lobster won out and I ate it soon after the photo was taken so I could paint it at a later date.

Sunny Day Bouquet

This fresh vibrant bouquet will catch anyone's attention and bring a smile to their face and lift their mood.   This Sunflower still life that caught my eye at the local grocery store and prompted me to paint it.
Enjoy it year round in your own home. Original is available for purchase. prints are available at:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Deep Creek

This is a 24" x 36" oil painting of a view from the shore of  Deep Creek State Park, in northwest Maryland. I thought of putting some people on the bench but then there wouldn't be room for the viewer to feel free to sit and enjoy the view.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Moment to Reflect in the Garden

This beautiful redheaded woman in a pink Kimono enjoys a leisurely stroll in the garden.  The hot afternoon sun was more easily tolerated under the white parasol allowing her comfort to pause for a moments reflection. 

Salute the Sun

This little Sunflower was an acrylic painting demo that I painted for my students.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"The Thief"

I laid the candy bar on the coffee table in the family room and went into the bedroom to get changed into lounging pj's and came out about 10 minutes later. As I walked into the family room I noticed him in my seat and there he was propped up in the corner of the couch looking very proud of himself with the empty wrapper in his mouth almost teasing me about the fact that he had eaten all of the Butterfinger candy bar.  Chocolate bits in his beard and a smear of the remnants of chocolate smeared on the light wood floor beside the coffee table .
I always kept my camera on the kitchen island close by because the two furry kids that lived in my house were always up antics that were cute photo opps so I grabbed the camera and got this shot.  I always wanted to paint it and finally 12 years later I painted it. His name is Bo Bo aka Zuki but he was also known as "The Thief" because any unattended food was fair game for him... Don't even ask about the one Christmas I put dinner on the formal dining table and went into the family room and out to the patio call everyone to the table...
So I finished the painting on April 30th of this year putting it in a show where the original sold immediately but prints are available. 

Bo Bo died this past Friday of a huge malignant tumor in his stomach.  (I swear the ex-ray resembled a candy bar!)  He is terribly missed because he was so well loved but his pain was too much for him too bear and he has gone to the rainbow bridge to wait for me,  Thank God I still have his younger furry brother "Marley" aka Budgie to lavish love on. With Marley fruit is not safe to leave lying around.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On the Rocks

A 15" x 22" Watercolor painting of a Great Blue Heron walks along the breakwater pilings along side the Dunedin Causeway searching for bait fish close to the bridge. This particular bird was slow to fly away when approached by a human, as I got closer to him I realized that the birds feet were entangled with a careless fisherman's discarded fishing line and couldn't fly away. So I called the Bird Sanctuary to come rescue him from his plight. The painting will be matted and on the mat I will paint his entangled legs onto the mat to emphasize his plight.
prints available but the mat will not be included with prints only with the original.