Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cuppa Tea With Sarah

I just love this teapot,when I was about five I remember my Mom had a neighbor named Sarah that she would make tea in a teapot like just like this one set up the pretty cups and holler out the door to Sarah to come over for a cuppa tea.
So when we moved to Florida in 1958 and Mom unpacked the beloved teapot it was shattered all but the lid remained. My Mom cried over the loss of the teapot but I think it was more about the loss of Sarah than the cobalt teapot, however my mom kept the lid to the pot.Over the years Mom had a cuppa Tea with many other friends with many different teapots.
After Mom and then Dad died I was cleaning out the kitchen drawers and there in the drawer in the back was the glow of bright blue, the lid in perfect condition. I sat the lid on a shelf with many other memento's of sweetness and joy. Went to my computer and e-bay to see if I could find a teapot to complete the memory. There among all the hundreds of teapots was one cobalt tea pot same design as Moms "Cobalt blue teapot - Hall # 0783 /6 cup teapot perfect condition Lid broken Buy it now $5.00. I bought it as fast as I could push the buttons.
I was elated as far as I was concerned it WAS "Mom's" Teapot and I reunited her lid to the perfect teapot and it has a place of great honor in my kitchen and always will. So does the broken lid. This is a still life I set up with the Teapot and her cup and lemons Sarah is with my Mom and not available.

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